Saturday, August 13, 2011

Welcome to the Beginning of my Dream

This moment is the beginning of the unfolding of a big dream, to drive and live along the Pacific Coast and paint the sea for a year. I've just completed 100 studies of waves from various places along the Sonoma Coast, and I'm making them available first in an art show this weekend. When it is over I will post some of them here.

I've spent the last year plein air ( painting in the open air) all along the coast where I live, traveling at least twice a week to paint both winter and summer.  As I prepare this year I hope to post the paintings I'm doing, making them available for you to enjoy or purchase, and have many join me in this adventure.

This is a dream right now, a sort of build it and they will come place. I have no idea how it is coming about, but my vision is blazing in my heart and on my canvas. Stay posted.

I also have to figure out how to do this blog thing as I go so it will evolve technically too as I go. Thanks for being part of it.


  1. This is incredible. I love what you have so far - and spending an entire year living on the coast and painting the sea is going to be an amazing series. I'm following now and don't want to miss a single post. I tweeted your blog tonight and posted it on Facebook and posted the current post too since I enjoyed it so much. Thank you!

  2. Congratulations on your dream, your lovely paintings and the success of your very recent show!
    I look forward to following you along the coast and enjoying your paintings. Wishing you wonderful weather along the sea!

  3. Thank you all, how this unfolds will be a mystery, and won't happen without lots of other support and people, so we will adventure together to the sea and the future.