Monday, August 22, 2011

A Great Compliment

One of the biggest compliments a painter can get is when another artist buys your painting. Carolyn Wilson is a fine artist in her own right.

I was so lucky to have her gracious even tempered presence next to me at the Gravenstein Apple Fair, my first outdoor show. She is a veteran of these events, and really helped me out. It was very busy, 20,000 people go to this event now in it's 35th year. She bought not one but 3 of my seascape studies, one was a gift for a friend.  Her luminous watercolors over a delicate surface of rice paper are truly beautiful. Thank you Carolyn!

Here she is with her two paintings of waves inside the rolled up white paper, my sturdy if some what inelegant solution of how people could take home the raw canvas studies I stuck up on peg board with double sided tape. Twenty six painting sold,  the most I've ever sold in one go. I wanted to see if there would be a response to my new direction and the answer was a big YES.  Besides Carolyn 4 more artists bought works, that is something I really treasure.

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  1. Congratulations! 26 sales is quite an achievement!