Monday, August 15, 2011

How to Mount Canvas on a Panel

I promised a post on how to mount canvas on a panel for some of the wonderful art collectors who bought my little studies this weekend at a local fair. Twenty three of them sold, most on loose canvas, the way I generally paint.

So here are the simple steps, and the materials you need. This also works if you want to make your own panels to paint on. Materials Acrylic Gel medium, hardboard panel cut to size( MDF, wood or hardboard), foam or bristle brush,

You need Acrylic gel medium and a panel cut to the size of the canvas. You need a foam brush or cheap bristle brush you can get at the hardware store.                                                                                              

Paint a thin even coat on the surface of the panel, make sure the panel is wiped free of dust etc before you paint.

Lay the canvas down lining up the edges very well before you press down, when it's right, then smooth it down with the palm of your hand.

Check to see if any of the gel got on the surface if you see any wipe with a damp sponge. Sometimes you need a dab more on the corners if they don't stick

let it dry with a book on top, that's it all done.


  1. HI, I'm Lauraart on Wetcanvas, but here it shows my name, Sharron. I am looking forward to your 100 wave posts! Just got back from a plein aire trip to Maine and have lots of photo references I am anxious to try! Hoping to learn some new things here.

  2. Would it work to mount the canvas on gatorboard or archival foam board so it's lighter to carry around for plein air painting? I like this idea a lot, but you know me - I've got some pretty serious weight limits to what I can carry.

  3. Maybe can sound strange, but, do you work on unmounted canvas?? I ask because I have a very very beautiful block of unmounted canvas, but I'm not sure to use it right they come or mounting them.

  4. yes I most always work on unmounted canvas, I use doublesided carpet tape on a piece of MDF or foam core and pat it on and peel it off when done.

    Robert yes you can mount it on foam core, but Iike the safety of hard panels of some kind 1/8 inch ply or MDF or even old canvas boards.

  5. Great Colleen, thanks for the info!!!