Monday, August 29, 2011

On Creativity, and Beyond

Vik Muniz, takes image making beyond the box of paints and brushes, his humor and quirky take on art will refresh you in this TED Talk. He uses chocolate, sugar, even dust from the floors of the Whitney Museum to make amazing representational pictures.  It is so easy as a painter or just a human being to get settled in one point of view. People like Muniz wake us up, one of the purposes of art and creativity.
 This painting is made entirely with sugar on black paper of one of the children on a plantation he visited in Saint Kitts. is "Sugar Children" series consists of photographs of drawings he made in sugar of children whose parents and grandparents have worked on the sugar plantation on the island of Saint Kitts.

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  1. I saw an exhibition of his work at the Tate Museum in Liverpool a few years back (I think you may still find a little info on their site)

    I was absolutely blown away by his work.

    That show was on street children in Brazil and he had used the detritus swept up from the streets after the carnival - cigarette ends, dust, fallen sequins etc to draw with.

    They were life size.

    I think he's brilliant and it was interesting to see further work where the material resonates with the subject matter.