Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thanks to My New Collectors

Today was a banner day, I put my first seascape studies out in public at a lovely local summer event in Sebastopol CA  called Gravenstein Apple Fair one of the best attended events in my area which has a 30 year  history. The weather was glorious, ( it can be hot) the music superb and 20 people walked away with my art and my heart as well. You know who you are, and I'm just saying a big thanks for all the comments and positive response to my new work. I'm over the moon, including the ultimate compliment of 5 different artists who purchased, it just doesn't get any better.  You really give me the courage to go for it and become one of the top seascape painters on the West coast.

 here are some of the sold works they all have wonderful homes!

I am getting help here in blog land to get some new posts for people who'd like to paint the sea, to share some of my secrets with you...Stay tuned,


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  2. thanks Vivien, great to share it with you. I've been working a year and half now as I move from animal only work to the sea. Eventually I'll put the animal world in to the new seascapes, by including the shore birds I love to watch.

    And how exciting to see some have joined up, an adventure is always more fun with friends.