Monday, August 22, 2011

When a painting goes wrong

While this painting is working ok, my eye tells me its heading downhill. First I made an error in putting the birds so close to the edge, which will become a center of interest,  even if I mute them down, as living things catch our attention.  So this close to the edge it's not going to work well, there will be a fight between the  foreground and midground. So most of the birds have to go. then there is the sort of ho hum line of the foam of the wave, too much action in the background, and the pull of the center rock with a  big empty space in front.

Here the wonders of Photoshop come to our aid. With PS I used the clone tool, and paintbrush tool to try out some possible solutions. I deleted most of the birds, raised the front rocks on the right side, added some water to marry it to the rest of the painting and changed the line of the wave, it looks better now to me I can go ahead and alter the painting. I will make more changes as I actually paint, to create a more interesting space below the center rock.

 No artists in history have been able to try out without messing up all the real thing until now. It could be this will never really quite work, but improving it will satisfy me anyway, and I can take the learning into the next painting. Stay tuned.  See if you think these changes help.

here is the previous version

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