Monday, August 22, 2011

On the Easel : Shoreline Delights 11x14 oil on oil primed linen

One of the best times I have out plein air painting at the sea is watching the bird life. One day at North Salmon Creek Beach, I wandered along studying the rocks. I was staring at some of them and the surface began to move. It was covered with small birds, called surfbirds, that hang out near the smaller waves...They were fascinating to watch, dodging the water and working hard for their meal. I always wanted to include them in a painting and when doing one of the 100 wave studies I just finished I came up with a sketch and this work is based on that.

The trick here is to get the birds to be one of the last things you see, just like I discovered them for the first the rocks and birds must blend, as they do in nature... most of the rest of the painting is finished, and I'm working now on the bottom rocks and birds are just sketched in, I'm trying to decide if I can sneak in  a couple more.

I'm moving up in size at last this is 11x14 oil on oil primed linen

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