Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Moveable Horizon

I just completed this trio of small studies. I wanted to see what influence the horizon has on a seascape.
Basically you have 3 choices, up high, mid or low on your canvas. Psychologically you place your viewer in a different relationship to your painting by where you place it. This is only part of the equation, the size of the foreground counts too. If you want a lot of wave action, place it high, you need the space to get the wave up close. If you want a grand view place it low, that means you will be featuring a lot of sky so make it worth watching with subtle colors or cloud patterns.  These studies will be available in the Current Paintings page link at the top of the blog. All are views of North Salmon Creek beach where I go for the long rolling waves, the only place along the coast where this happens,

In these quick studies I tried to keep everything the same except where the horizon hits. You can learn a lot by looking for where the artists put their horizon lines in landscape, as a viewer try to be aware of how that changes your own feeling as you go into the work, and then take that understanding outside to the sea, and standing on a cliff, tilt your head so the horizon is high or low, and catch the fleeting changes of mood inside you. There are so many ways to appreciate Art and Nature, but it all starts inside first.

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